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Our Story

Civil Nation Project, Inc. seeks to bring high-quality and low-cost legal advocacy to Montgomery County, Texas.

Who We Are

We are an organization built to serve the people of Montgomery County, Texas. We are a mix of community advocates, professionals, and licensed Texas attorneys. We each use our individual strengths to uphold the values of this organization and support its vision.

Our Vision

To stand with the people of Montgomery County, Texas when their rights are violated, support the members of our community who are unable to pursue legal claims because they lack resources, and bring light to transgressions and assistance in the hope of a more just tomorrow.

Our Focus


Building relationships and encouraging conversations about civil rights issues in our community. 


Exposing rights violations and seeking to have them publicly acknowledged.

Our Focus


Working with victims to evaluate, shape, and pursue their legal claims.



Providing resources in sharable and easy-to-understand formats.


Joining with (and learning from) people and organizations that share our core values and vision.

Join Us




By donating to Civil Nation Project, Inc., you can help expand our legal services, increase our community outreach, and boost our potential to educate. We want this organization to grow and to touch as many lives as possible. With your support, we can make an incredible difference!


If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with our organization, please reach out to us in the "Contact Us" section, below. We would love to hear from you!

Partner With Us

If you, or your organization, have a similar vision and would be interested in pursuing a partnership with us, please reach out to us in the "Contact Us" section, below. 





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